The renowned Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Franklyn Sills, speaks about The Experience of Stillness in his seminal book, Foundations in Craniosacral Biodynamics Volumes 1 and 2.
In a state of stillness, dramatic changes can occur. When the client reaches a stillpoint in their session, the quality of that stillness can allow them to access one of the Seven Depths of Stillness. The first three levels relate to the dynamics of the autonomic nervous system, the limbic system, and the cerebral cortex. Levels four through seven, delve into the depths of the human psyche. An experience on any of these levels can be quite profound for the client and can be life changing.
1. The Physical Level
” There is a deepening sense of stillness in the body, and physical resistance may soften and release. The system begins to reorganize toward the midline, and the autonomic nervous system may discharge shock affects – like the jolt sometimes experienced when falling off to sleep. It is a form of release.
2. The Emotional Level
” The clearing of emotional charges in the system. As the stillness deepens, a palpable sense of wellbeing arises – the limbic system is clearing emotional imbalances, allowing for subtle processing of held emotional energies to stream throughout the body.
3. The Psychological Level
” On this level, there is a clearing and settling of psychological patterning in the stillness. Often times, the client will have insights into their historical conditioning or past traumas, which can initiate a deep letting go and healing.
4. The Heart or Karmic Level
” At this level, the deeper tendencies of our personality system may enter stillness. This is the layer of our karmic tendencies and conditional urges. Past-life memories may arise and be given the opportunity to be stilled and processed. The client may become aware of preconscious material, and the potential for insight, clarity, and resolution can occur. Sills states, “Karmic tendencies may be resolved in a depth of stillness and sensed as a personal liberation of the heart. It manifests as a deeper sense of ease and less tendency to be driven by preconscious energies.” Often times, the person realizes that something has changed weeks or months later. A subtle shift occurs where they do not react the same way as in the past. They may feel more compassion toward others or have a growing confidence in themselves that heretofore they had not had.
5. The Mind or Archetypal Level
” At this depth of stillness, the mind begins to resonate with the archetypal influences of our reality-transpersonal experiences. Archetypal energies and images may emerge offering the opportunity to engage with the interconnectedness of life. To experience life in a holistic way. There is a “flowering of the heart” giving the client a profound sense of compassion for the human condition and the suffering everyone on the planet experiences on some level. A sense of joy arises with this realization of a universal connection with all sentient beings. A deep overarching love for humanity may be experienced.
6. The Level of Spirit
” Profound stillness and peace can be accessed at this level. The personal self is lost-issues of separation and duality dissolve into unity consciousness. Openness and spaciousness is experienced as consciousness settles into a nondual state. Some clients have a sense of cosmic consciousness-a state of Oneness.
7. Source
” This state is beyond description. The wisdom traditions have variously called this state God realization, satori, nirvana, Tao-there are other names. Emptiness and openness is at the core of this state. As Sills states, it is “the still heart of creativity itself.” Complete emptiness with the fullness of potential enfolded within it. Time is meaningless. Past, present, and future are experienced Now.
Craniosacral Therapy offers you the opportunity to dramatically shift your life if you are committed to making a change in how you experience your world. Whether it be through the lens of pain and dis-ease, rigidly held beliefs, victimization and blame, spiritual crisis, or some undefined malaise.
We all have an innate healing wisdom, which knows precisely what unwinding and release is needed in the Craniosacral Therapy session to bring you back into a state of balance and integrity with your Self.
Give yourself the gift of health and wellbeing. We all have the power to course correct in order to embark on a path of ease and grace in our lives.

I will be sharing more of Franklyn Sills’ wisdom in future blogs.