Our etheric templates are the waveguides that control the flow of life energies into the body. Patterns of illness occur at the energetic level before they become manifest at the cellular level.
-Richard Gerber, MD

Healing happens on multiple energetic levels. Often times, chronic dis-ease and pain have their source in past traumas experienced on the physical, emotional, or spiritual levels. As humans, we often forget physical traumas experienced as children–like serious falls off a bike or crashing on a skateboard–we recover from the pain and get on with being a kid. We forget our long-past injuries, but the body remembers and stores them energetically. The body may remind you thirty or forty years later by setting off chronic pain signals in a different part of the body that experienced the original trauma.

As an Intuition Medicine® practitioner once the physical body reaches Dynamic Stillness, through the modality of Craniosacral Therapy, I am able to assess the other energetic systems of the client. I then facilitate the healing of the disturbed system bringing it into the stillness that CST has initiated. The result is experienced as a feeling of balance and wellbeing.